Rivals of Ixalan

Much like Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan might not shape the Peasant metagame like a set with interesting downgrades does. Still some cards are probably worth a closer look. To be honest we don’t get any great dinosaurs or pirates once again, but at least some vampires could get there. Lets jump right in. Famished Paladin … More Rivals of Ixalan

Set Review: Ixalan

The world of Pirates and Dinosaurs doesn’t appear to shape the Peasant world a lot. There are a couple of cards worth thinking about though, which could be role players in very differrrrrrent decks. Let’s take a look! Legion Conquistador  The only card with the “search for the three others” ability that is being played … More Set Review: Ixalan

Hour of Devastation

Amonkhet reloaded – Exert and Aftermath finally became interesting. Probably. God-Pharaoh’s Faithful The deck that comes to mind instantly is Familiars, where the Faithful can serve as a good blocker early and be part of an infinite life loop once the Flicker combo gets going. It will be fighting with Lone Missionary, which offers immediate … More Hour of Devastation

Modern Masters 2017

Downgrade Time It’s that time of the year again. The new Magic the Gathering: Modern Masters 2017 Set is out and contains only reprints – as always. Nevertheless those reprints come in shifted rarities quite some times and offer new brewing material for us Peasant players. You can find a full list of all downgrades … More Modern Masters 2017