Rivals of Ixalan

MTG Rivals of Ixalan

Much like Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan might not shape the Peasant metagame like a set with interesting downgrades does. Still some cards are probably worth a closer look. To be honest we don’t get any great dinosaurs or pirates once again, but at least some vampires could get there. Lets jump right in.

Rivals of Ixalan Set Review White

Famished Paladin

Famished Paladin combos nicely with Presence of Gond and a Soul or Essence Warden on the board. Being a three-card combo in comparison to Midnight Guard with Presence of Gond while also taking up uncommon slots might not be good enough, but might add additional combo pieces to an already existing Gond combo deck.

Martyr of Dusk

Martyr of Dusk is most likely worse than Doomed Traveler and Loyal Cathar, cards that don’t see any play either right now. Nevertheless it brings two bodies for the cost of only two mana. If a sacrifice deck with white becomes at thing at any given point, this becomes an option.

Squire’s Devotion

Armadillo Cloak this is not, but it’s common, easier to cast than Gift of Orzhova and brings protection against sorcery-speed edict effects. Therefore it’s a new option for Bogles and Heroic.

Rivals of Ixalan Set Review Blue

Flood of Recollection

High Tide gets another interesting uncommon to play around with. Since the combo itself works without any uncommons, there is some flexibility in these slots. You’re not likely to play four Flood of Recollection since Mental Misstep from the sideboard seems quite important against most hate cards, but one or two copies might make the deck even more reliable.

Secrets of the Golden City

It’s tough to foresee how the new Ascend mechanic will work out without having played cards like Secrets of the Golden City in different peasant decks. Three cards for three mana sounds promising, but if we ever find a deck that can reliably trigger Ascend and wants to play this over Gush remains to be seen…

Rivals of Ixalan Set Review Black

Dusk Legion Zealot

Phyrexian Rager has seen play since the beginning of Peasant (more or less). Dusk Legion Zealot might therefore be the most interesting new card. Having the same effect but being able to adjust your decks manacurve is definitely a big advantage, even if x/1 bodies are way worse than 2/2s are.

Grasping Scoundrel

In an aggressive black deck Grasping Scoundrel trades better than Pulse Tracker, but pushes less damage through on its last attack. Worth noting, but nothing special, since MBA isn’t really a thing right now.

Moment of Craving

This is probably just sideboard material, but better than Pharika’s Cure. If you’re looking for removal and lifegain this might do the trick, especially if you don’t want to play Spinning Darkness alongside with Gurmag Angler. That said, 3 points of damage remains superior, especially with all the Thermo Alchemists in todays burn decks.

Ravenous Chupacabra

Ravenous Chupacabra

Ravenous Chupacabra is probably the best black removal spell on a stick so far. It  brings the same two black mana symbols for devotion to the table like Nekrataal does, but is less restrictive in regards of actually killing things.

Legion Lieutenant

Legion Lieutenant

There are tons of vampires printed at Common, so this new two-mana-lord might be an incentive to build a dedicated vampire deck. It might. We don’t say Legion Lieutenant will get there.


6 thoughts on “Rivals of Ixalan

  1. Famished Paladin also goes infinite if you give him lifelink and a Viridian Longbow.
    Aaaand he is a two-card-combo with Resplendent Mentor (who is also an Uncommon, I know…).

    1. Sure, there are several options to go infinite. The questions remains if they are playable or not. With the current metagame in mind a combo with a converted manacost 5 creature just to gain infinite life probably isn’t good enough. But maybe it is…

    1. Fanatical Firebrand is a more or less strict upgrade to Mogg Fanatic, a card that saw quite some play in the past (especially before the big damage-rule-change). Today this seems decent, but can you think of any deck that would want to play this?

  2. I’m so sad you stopped writting those reviews.
    I appreciated your writting, and it saved me lots of time to buy the right cards when a new set was released 🙂
    Anyway, many thanks for the hard work for several years.

    1. Hi Pierre!
      Thanks for your feedback! Since Peasant hasn’t really caught enough attention here in Vienna and playing online is difficult for us right now due to our spare time in the summer months, we’ve moved to different formats (the other author of this blog is playing mainly Pauper right now while I’m focusing on Limited – Draft is something I’ve always enjoyed).

      Never say never – we both still love the Peasant format and might be back sooner than expected 😉

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